I am interested in the role of interactions between distantly related taxa in driving species diversity patterns. More specifically, I am studying the effect of interactions between ants and birds in Eastern Himalayas on elevational distribution of birds. I hope to quantify the pattern of these interactions by studies of diet overlap and phylogenetic histories, and use field experiments to understand the underlying processes. Other research areas of interest include trade-offs in sexual selection and evolution of social behavior.

Alex White


I study the historical and ecological factors which influence local community structure for birds using a macroecological approach.  I am particularly interested in how dispersal and climatic disturbance affect the process of community assembly, and how those effects influence the cycle of speciation within continental radiations.  I am also interested in developing models of evolution that consider these processes as paramount in driving trait evolution and the phylogenetic structure of radiations.

Kristina Fialko


I study bird signaling behavior in the Himalayas. Sometimes I need to chase sheep away from my tent






Shane DuBay, co-advised by Dr. John Bates


My research addresses how interactions between organisms and their environment affect biodiversity. I am specifically interested in adaptive evolution in montane systems where species turnover is accompanied by dramatic environmental gradients. My research examines the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that define elevational range limits and structure communities in mountains.